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for Children, Seniors and Caregivers
Our comprehensive group benefit helps families find support for seniors, struggling teens, young or special needs children and adults with disabilities or chronic conditions.
Personalized Telephone Support 24/7
Our database for health and support services for senior, disability and child care services.
Our experts in gerontology and child psychology for advice.
Costs for child care and care for seniors.
To federal and provincial government assistance programs.
Informative articles about children, teens, seniors and caregiving matters.

Simplifying the search for resources and helping find solutions

  • Looking for Day Care or Nursery School Programs?
  • Want to find a Live-in Nanny?
  • Need an evaluation or treatment for a child with a developmental disorder?
  • Need to find therapy for a teen struggling with mental health issues?
  • Need counselling to help deal with stress?
  • Looking for Physical Rehabilitation?
  • Want to find Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation programs?
  • Need to find Financial or Credit Counselling?
  • Looking for Adult Day programs or Senior Centres in your community?
  • Want help finding Special Transportation for a disabled spouse or parent?
  • Need to find Home or Residential Care for your elderly parent living across the country?
  • Curious about what Long Term Care will cost you in 5 or 10 years down the road?

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"How are you? I am on holidays this week, but wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU for all you’ve done for me. I’ve made quite a solid contact with ---- and as it turns out, they have a contact in --- . The ball is at least rolling now on trying to find a suitable caregiver. You’ve been wonderful. I will be in touch."
"Thanks again for your help. The agencies you provided were very helpful and friendly."
"Thank you so much. I have set up an appointment to the first place. It is so close to home. I appreciate all that you have done."
"Thank you for helping me out in such an expeditious manner – I very much appreciate it. I will give them a call on Saturday and see if I can get some positive results."
"I’m happy to report our Nanny is working out REALLY well. She’s not inexpensive, but the peace of mind is worth it! Thank you so much for that – I feel incredibly indebted to you"
"Very fast and comprehensive listings. It was easy for me to select a provider based on distance."
"MANY THANKS!! Can’t wait to see what you found. It is such an important decision that I thank you for all that you have done in helping us."
"Thank you so much for your help! I didn’t expect results so fast – this will really assist me in getting started on my search!"
"Thank you very much for your expertise, guidance and speedy response. This is of great help. I will be flying to _____ this Thursday to check up on my parents and will take the information with me"
With gratitude,
"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have contacted them both. Hopefully something works out!"
"Thank you very much for the information you have sent me. You have been a Big Help!!"
"Thank you so much. I will finally have an hour this morning to sit down and make some calls. I really appreciate all you are doing for me!"
"Thank you for all the help for finding all that information for nanny services. I really appreciate your help and once again thank you very much!!"
"Thanks very much for the additional work that you did on this one, I very much appreciate it."
"Thanks so very much for all the information you have provided. I really appreciate it."
Thank you sooooo much!!!"
"Thank you so much for your assistance and prompt reply!!!"
"The information provided by your website has been of great help to me in obtaining care for my Dad in a city where I do not live."

Frequently Asked Questions

LifestageCare is a comprehensive impartial service that supports family caregivers and their loved ones by providing Resources, Support and Expert Advice.
Our service can help:
  • Find qualified local professionals, care facilities and health care resources throughout Canada
  • Accurately determine the costs for the various types of child care as well as home care, rehabilitation and residential care for the elderly
  • Ask questions of professionals in the field of geriatric care as well as care for children and those with special needs
  • Get informed about dozens of government financial assistance programs.
Simply login to LifestageCare or if you prefer to speak to a live agent, call us at 1.877.301.1515. You can obtain your search results by mail, or email - you can also email the results of your search to a sibling or a spouse - with just one click!
You can find services for children, teens and seniors (some of which may also apply to caregivers or adults with various disabilities or chronic conditions). We list several types of childcare providers, including licensed day cares, nanny agencies and emergency care, services for children with special needs - including assessments and treatments. You can also find counselling for any family member. You can search for services in the home such as personal care, meal delivery, skilled nursing, special transportation, respite care and providers of assisted devices. You can find residential services such as retirement homes and residences, long term care homes (nursing homes) and chronic care hospitals. We also provide information around various community services with programs that provide assessments and diagnosis of physical and psychological problems, therapy for walking or mobility problems, therapy for chronic pain, seniors' financial or legal concerns - and more!
Yes, our database covers all provinces in Canada.
There are several other features that you will find helpful such as the Ask an Expert feature which allows you to ask any specific question with your situation in mind and receive an answer from one of our expert gerontologists or if you have a question about a young child or teenager, you can ask our child psychologist for advice. You also have access to the Cost of Care Projector to help determine the future costs of home and residential care anywhere in Canada and at any future point in time. Beyond this, our service includes a Library of Articles related to children, teens, seniors and caregiving, links to government Financial Assistance Programs and also Quality Checklists to help identify the best and most appropriate services for your specific needs.
Yes, you can call our bilingual call centre 24/7 to get assistance 1.877.301.1515.