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You already know that client loyalty and retention are keys to your success. But how do you promote them? The answer is to demonstrate your own loyalty to your clients. Demonstrate that loyalty by giving your clients even more practical help with their highest priority - the well-being of their family. And increase the value of your guidance by providing unique assistance available only from advisors like you who truly care about the whole client - both their financial lives and their non-financial concerns.

Connect your clients with LifestageCare - a personal, concierge-like service which can walk them through the maze of complex family demands involved in caring for an elderly parent or special needs child. Help your clients plan for not only the financial challenges of family needs, but also the non-financial challenges of finding qualified home health care, retirement residences, nursing homes and other specialized health care and personal care services for loved ones. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT LIFESTAGECARE.

How A Corporate Partnership Can Benefit Your Organization:

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Five Advantages of Professional Membership

  • Enable your clients to access members-only LifestageCare at a special discounted fee available only via Professional Members.
  • Receive our exclusive national survey on the current costs of Long Term Care - including home care, residential care and community care - specific to each province in Canada. This special LifestageCare report will give you invaluable assistance in projecting potential long term care costs for your clients.
  • As a Professional Member, gain direct access to LifestageCare experts who can research providers for your clients' family care needs and provide you with the answers.
  • Receive customized materials enabling you to explain LifestageCare to clients while reminding them of your own role in helping them solve real life problems.
  • Have access to copyrighted editorial content on family care matters which you are licensed to freely include in your own newsletters and promotional materials.